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World Wide Events

Tie-in features are staple page-fillers for most magazines, Sunday papers, and now even the dailies with their pull-out supplements. While features afford plenty of opportunities for freelance journalists it's still taxing to find something, apart from hard news, to write about. Step forward the enormously useful World Wide Events Web site.

To find interesting events to preview or be commissioned to cover in time for magazine deadlines we have to rely either on personal knowledge or annual listings in the annual writers' directories. While these are handy for upcoming sporting occasions and exhibitions, they're often printed too far in advance to be truly useful. For example, music concerts are often missing. The annual directories also don't list very many events. Not as many as 37,000 (Ed note: Now over 100,000 listings, target 250,000 3 months) at any rate, which is the number contained in World Wide Events' database.

World Wide Events is a global mega-listing of forthcoming events in 23 countries around the world and even better it's completely free to tap into. Need to find something going on in late March down in rural Devon? You got it. If you're a freelance journalist you'll undoubtedly already know what's happening in your region, but now you'll be able to find events that take place a convenient driving distance away or those that tie in with a trip abroad.

Cooperation is what the Internet does best, and the more people that contribute local listings to World Wide Events, the greater the benefit for everyone else. It is simply a great idea that's been waiting to happen. The site wasn't around two years ago, and we should be truly thankful for it, and the Internet as a whole, for making our lives so much easier.

Simplicity is often equated with elegance, and it's no bad thing that World Wide Events is so straightforward to use. You can search England by individual counties and the US by its States or else view a listing for the entire country. It is slightly frustrating that you can't see all the events in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland at the same time, but it doesn't take long to look at them individually. If you have some idea of what you're looking for, a keyword search facility enables you to narrow the results down further.

And that's really all there is to say, except that this modest and unassuming site has a very understated design and no flashy Web technology to slow it down. Thank heavens for that.

Graham Southorn

Click here for the excellent World Wide Events

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    Popular titles--from 1 to 50.

    1. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
    ~ Paperback

    2. Managing Your Documentation Projects (Wiley Technical Communication Library)
    ~ Joann T. Hackos / Paperback

    3. The Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications
    ~ Microsoft Corporation / Paperback

    4. Standards for Online Communication : Publishing Information for the Internet/World Wide Web/Help Systems/Corporate Intranets
    ~ Joann T. Hackos, et al / Paperback

    5. Writing the Doctoral Dissertation : A Systematic Approach
    ~ Gordon B. Davis, Clyde A. Parker / Paperback

    6. Designing and Writing Online Documentation : Hypermedia for Self-Supporting Products (Wiley Technical Communication Library)
    ~ William K. Horton / Paperback

    7. Read Me First! : A Style Guide for the Computer Industry
    ~ Sun Technical Publications(Editor) / Paperback

    8. Write Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day : A Guide to Starting, Revising, and Finishing Your Doctoral Thesis
    ~ Joan Bolker / Paperback

    9. When Memory Speaks : Reflections on Autobiography
    ~ Jill Ker Conway

    10. How to Complete and Survive a Doctoral Dissertation
    ~ David. Sternberg / Paperback

    11. The Travel Writer's Handbook : How to Write and Sell Your Own Travel Experiences
    ~ Louise Purwin Zobel / Paperback

    12. The Location of Culture
    ~ Homi K. Bhabha, Homi K. Bhadha / Paperback

    13. Mastering Apa Style : Students Workbook and Training Guide
    ~ Harold Gelfand, Charles J. Walker (Contributor) / Paperback / Published 1990

    14. Dissertations and Theses from Start to Finish : Psychology and Related Fields
    ~ John D. Cone, Sharon L. Foster (Contributor) / Paperback / Published 1993

    15. Writing for Social Scientists : How to Start and Finish Your Thesis, Book, or Article (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing)
    ~ Howard S. Becker / Paperback

    17. Copyediting : A Practical Guide
    ~ Karen Judd / Paperback

    18. A Trail Through Leaves : The Journal As a Path to Place
    ~ Hannah Hinchman

    19. Scientific Style and Format : The Cbe Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers
    ~ Edward J. Huth

    20. The Complete Book of Model Fund-Raising Letters
    ~ Roland E. Kuniholm

    21. How to Write a Winning College Application Essay (3rd Edition)
    ~ Michael James Mason / Paperback

    22. Human Factors for Technical Communicators (Wiley Technical Communication Library)
    ~ Marlana Coe / Paperback

    23. Scientific English : A Guide for Scientists and Other Professionals
    ~ Robert A. Day / Paperback

    24. Travel Writing
    ~ L. Peat O'Neil

    25. The Essentials of Mla Style : A Guide to Documentation for Writers of Research Papers
    ~ Joseph F. Trimmer / Paperback

    26. How to Write a Thesis (4th Ed)
    ~ Harry Teitelbaum / Paperback

    27. Writing the Memoir : From Truth to Art
    ~ Judith Barrington / Paperback

    28. International Technical Communication : How to Export Information About High Technology (Wiley Technical Communication Library)
    ~ Nancy L. Hoft / Paperback

    29. The Craft of Scientific Writing
    ~ Michael Alley / Paperback

    30. How to Communicate Technical Information : A Handbook of Software and Hardware Documentation
    ~ Usually ships in 24 hours Jonathan Price, Henry Korman (Contributor) / Paperback / Published 1993

    31. 10,000 Ideas for Term Papers, Projects, Reports & Speeches
    ~ Kathryn Lamm / Paperback

    32. How to Make a Living As a Travel Writer
    ~ Susan Farewell / Paperback

    33. Form and Style : Research Papers, Reports, Theses (10th Ed)
    Carole Slade / Paperback

    34. Magazine Editors Talk to Writers (Wiley Books for Writers Series)
    ~ Judy Mandell / Paperback

    35. A Voice of Her Own : Women and the Journal Writing Journey
    ~ Marlene A. Schiwy, Marion Goodman / Paperback

    36. Writing from Life : Telling Your Soul's Story
    ~ Susan Wittig Albert / Paperback

    37. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
    ~ Hardcover

    38. The ACS Style Guide : A Manual for Authors and Editors
    ~ Janet S. Dodd(Editor) / Paperback

    39. Writing the Research Paper : A Handbook With Both the Mla and Apa Documentation Styles
    ~ Anthony C. Winkler, et al / Paperback

    40. 12 Easy Steps to Successful Research Papers
    ~ Nell W. Meriwether / Paperback

    41. Student's Guide for Writing College Papers
    ~ Kate L. Turabian / Paperback

    42. Mastering Apa Style : Instructor's Resource Guide
    ~ Harold Gelfand, Charles J. Walker (Contributor) / Paperback / Published 1990

    43. Guide to Writing Magazine Nonfiction
    ~ Michael J. Bugeja / Paperback

    44. Hodges' Harbrace Handbook
    ~ Winn Horner, et al

    45. Webster's New World Student Writing Handbook
    ~ Sharon Sorenson / Paperback

    46. Harbrace College Handbook
    ~ Winfred Bryan Horner, et al / Paperback

    47. Communicating in Science : Writing a Scientific Paper and Speaking at Scientific Meetings
    ~ Vernon Booth / Paperback

    48. The Newsletter Editor's Handbook; A Quick-Start Guide to News Writing, Interviewing, Copyright Law, Volunteers and Desktop Design
    ~ Elaine Floyd, et al / Paperback

    49. Living to Tell the Tale : A Guide to Writing Memoir
    ~ Jane Taylor McDonnell / Paperback

    50. Producing a Quality Family History
    ~ Patricia Law Hatcher / Paperback

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