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Top 10 Secrets for Building A Great Wardrobe

Is the first question you ask yourself each morning, "What am I going to wear today?" Does the thought of opening your closet and finding something to wear put you in a state of panic and frustration? The key to looking and feeling your fashion best each day relies on one thing -- a core wardrobe that's right for you.

"Getting dressed each day doesn't have to be a challenge," according to Leah Feldon, fashion expert and author of "Dress Like a Million (On Considerably Less)."

"With all the things we have to concern ourselves with each day, fashion should be the least of our worries," said Feldon. "At stores like Wards, everything you need for a super wardrobe is right at your fingertips."

Feldon offers the following tips:

1. Play up your strengths. Choose clothes that accentuate your positives and visually eliminate any negatives. This is the No. 1 secret of great style.

2. Base your wardrobe on one or two dark to mid-tone neutral colors (such as black, gray, chocolate or navy), then spice up your outfits with colorful incidental pieces. Mixing colors of similar values always makes for a sophisticated look.

3. Think quality over quantity. It is always better to have a few great classic pieces that make you look and feel fabulous every time you wear them than a closet full of middle-of-the-road pieces. Invest in a few great classics, then update with less expensive trendier items.

4. Always consider your lifestyle -- spend the most money on those things you will wear the most often. Most of us will wear a good jacket more often than we will a good evening dress.

5. Find a personal "look." Once you discover the styles, cuts and designs that work for you, stick to them. Those silhouettes will then become part of your unique personal style.

6. Be aware of the latest trends, but don't follow fads verbatim. Only adopt those styles that are a perfect match with your body type and personality.

7. Organize your closet. Dressing well means knowing what you have so you mix and match with ease -- and if something doesn't fit perfectly, remove it (even temporarily) from your closet.

8. Take advantage of accessories. The right scarf, shawl or jewelry can turn a basic outfit into a work of art. And never skimp on shoes -- they have a tremendous effect on the way you feel as well as the way you look.

9. When in doubt, keep it simple. It is always better to err on the side of minimalism than overindulgence.

10. Scout the stores frequently. Short forays are less tiring than full shopping days. Plus, the more often you visit your favorite stores, the better chances you have of finding exactly what you need -- and a good sale.

"I've always said you don't need a million to look like a million," said Feldon. "Stores, such as Wards, have dramatically updated their apparel selections, but have kept items affordable."

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