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Mystery Shoppers always needed.

Mystery Shopping, or Secret Shopping as it is sometimes known, is well established and a very large part of the Market Research Industry. It is a service used by the top retail outlets, leading entertainment / leisure organizations and banks.

Whenever you visit a major fast food restaurant or well known retail chain, have you ever wondered how they manage to maintain a consistent high level of service no matter how many branches they have and regardless of where they are in the world?

It is not left to chance. They all use mystery shoppers to pose as diners or buyers to evaluate the service at ground level. Thousands of ordinary people get paid to go shopping, eat out in a restaurant or just pop out for a drink. Fees per visit vary between companies, but are usually between about CA$18.00 and $50.00. And of course expenses are paid - yes that really does mean that your food and drink is paid for as well.

You would choose which assignments are most suitable for you and work for one or more mystery shopping companies on a casual basis. Generally you would be paid a set amount per visit plus travel, parking and phone expenses. You would visit bars, supermarkets, steak houses and fast food restaurants to check out the service and fill in a simple questionnaire. This information is used to improve standards. Thousands of visits take place across the country daily.

Examples of some Restaurant / Bar questions for Secret Shoppers:

  • Was the exterior clean and tidy?
  • Was the interior clean and tidy?
  • Did the staff member who served you make eye contact?
  • Were you greeted?
  • Were you served in a friendly manner?
  • Were you served within two minutes of entry?
  • Were you offered ice with your drink, if appropriate?
  • Were you offered starters, side items, desserts or coffee?
  • Was your food served within 15 minutes?
  • Was your table cleared within five minutes of completion?
  • Was the music appropriate for the type of venue?

Join the Mystery Shopping Recruitment Club

The Mystery Shopping Recruitment Club is over 10 years old (6 years in Canada) and has over 5000 satisfied members. For a one time membership fee of $19.00 Canadian Dollars you will be provided with the contact details of several Canadian Mystery Shopping companies and the simple instructions needed to get you started.

Why do we charge for this service?

Your payment covers all our administrative, organizational and website costs - it also entitles you to lifetime membership of the Mystery Shopping Club (no annual fees) and access to our Mystery Shopping helpdesk. Also, if you find that one of the companies is not recruiting presently, please let us know and we will send you another company's information as soon as it becomes available. This list is added to regularly and all updates are supplied to club members free of charge on request. Free e-mail support is also included and there are absolutely no further charges...

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    Please click here to pay by credit card. (Please note that the next batch of memberships will be sent out within 10 working days.) Our payment provider, CCNow, uses an international payment system of US dollars. Your credit card company will automatically convert to your home currency based on current exchange rates. You will be charged $15.00 which is equal to approximately $19.00 Canadian Dollars, but you may wish to check the current rate below:

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  • Payment choice 2

    If you would prefer to pay by cheque, please write your name and home address on a piece of paper marked "Mystery Shopping", enclose a cheque for $19.00 Canadian Dollars (payable to High Street Central) and send to:

    CM2 6NW

    If you supply us with an e-mail address we can get the information to you immediately on receipt of your cheque. Don't forget to bookmark us for future reference. Please right click here now to add to favorites.

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