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Move from Mystery Shopper to Market Researcher with Degree in Marketing

What makes market researchers so special? Mystery shoppers perform product and services research already, but they simply don't have the credentials to become a market researcher, who have to account for a company's success or failure. That doesn't make mystery shoppers any less important to product development and business performance, but they simply don't get paid the same or possess enough job mobility as market researchers. Part of mystery shopping is being able to ask the right questions, perform behavior analysis, and gather specific information about a business' services or products. That's essentially what it takes to become a good market researcher, but there's a little bit more to it than that. Companies need researchers who understand real-world marketing research, who must work for and analyze top corporation practices and global products. For that reason, earning a marketing degree is paramount to being successful as a market researcher.

Students who go into marketing degrees think it's all about advertising. That's only part of a business' success. Market researchers are truly the movers and shakers behind whether a product fails or succeeds, but these professionals studied things like web analytics, online communities, blog profiling, and web spiders to understand marketing technology. They also developed their own customer-driven strategies, using qualitative data, branding, customer satisfaction management and value based pricing methods. Obviously, there's a little bit more than mystery shopping to become a marketing research, but it's still the same role. However, as a market researcher, you get to be in control.

Part of marketing research depends on product launches and new services, which have to tough it out in incredibly competitive industries. With the right research tools learned from marketing degree programs, researchers can ensure the success of these products. Courses focus a large part of marketing education on sales forecasting, statistical analysis, web traffic metrics and strategy. By understanding the research side of product development, mystery shoppers have a better footing to get ahead after earning an online marketing degree. In addition, degrees open up bigger opportunities, even while still in school, such as internships and college partnerships with local businesses. Networking is probably the biggest tool for business individuals, because if you know the right people and plug in to the right marketing communities, you can stay ahead of trends and offer the best marketing research for your company.

Being successful in mystery shopping takes a lot of work. The rewards are much greater if you put the time into becoming a market researcher. There are even online programs and certificates made for individuals who already possess a keen sense of marketing and just need the credentials to work in the industry. Just by earning a marketing degree, students can work on bigger products, earn a higher income and become important icons for a company's future. If you know that you enjoy performing market research already, then graduating with a marketing degree is the key to moving forward.

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